Jinitiator working on Windows 7

We need ‘Jinitiator′ to use a core application. The applications in-house team havent managed to get it working with JRE, which is the replacement to Jinit. They insist that you must use Jinitiator & windows XP! Joy! We also know that Jinit is no longer supported by Oracle & refuses to work with Windows 7.

So how do you get around this ?

Install Jinitiator as normal, if your having problems actually getting it to install, just use the Win7 ‘compatibility mode’ to get it to stay on your machine instead of it annoyingly uninstalling itself at the end of a failed install process.


Replace the ‘jvm.dll’ in jinitiator directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\JInitiator\bin\hotspot\) with this file jvm.dll.

Restart IE* and try again, Windows 7 should reduce your colour scheme and your app should now work.

See post repaint blog post on how to fix the repaint screen issues, if they are happening to you.

*Note, I would never normally recommend Internet Explorer, it’s just that this process doesn’t work for me using Chrome or Firefox, my preferred browsers.

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118 Responses to Jinitiator working on Windows 7

  1. Freddy says:

    With the new jvm my problem was solved :-) (jinitiator

  2. diane says:

    This really works! :)

  3. Vithal Chavan says:


  4. Nicolas says:

    This doesn’t work for me but I think you still can help me :

    I’m with win7 64, I use jinit It wasn’t working at all until I replace the jvm.dll, THANK YOU for this.

    But I have a screen problem ! When windows changes the color settings, my application doesn’t repaint the screen anymore ! Actually, when I type something, I have to move the window to force Windows to refresh the graphic content and then I can see the text typed.

    Please tell me you can help me :D

    Thank you in advance !

    • Raymond Reid says:

      Hi Nicolas,

      The repainting of the screen is cause by the version of oracle forms, because it just isnt designed to be ran on Windows 7.
      If this is causing issues with you being able to see parts of the screen, then there is not much that you can do.

      Whoever programmed the app/forms needs to get it running with the Java JRE rather than relying on a technology that is years old and a Oracle dumbed down Java Runtime.

      Sorry I cannot be of more help,

    • Rafal says:

      Try too turn off in IE8 options->Advanced-> “turn on memory protection…”

    • David says:

      Use enternet explorer in 32bit might have to browse to it.

    • Kevin says:

      I had the same problem!!! It was the video card on the motherboard (HP6200). I put in another video card and the problem was gone.

  5. Roger says:

    Spent several days tracking down a jvm.dll crash problem that was affecting these XP machines, I knew it had to be in the Jinitiator Out of desperation I tried it and this fixed it. Thank you so much!

  6. Nicolas says:


    Indeed it is a matter of oracle forms, but the strange thing is That any action on the screen settings like the admin password prompt get it to work !

    But i cant ask my users to change like That (400 users…)


    • Raymond Reid says:

      In this instance, you really need your programmers to fix the code so it’ll use the java jre, rather than the oracle jinitiator, as this is just a badly dummed down version which is seriously out of date.

  7. Saravanan says:


    This has fixed the issue but it is taking a longer time for navigation between the forms. Is there any resolution for this?

    • Raymond Reid says:

      Hi Saravanan,

      The speed in the navigation of the screen is caused by the version of oracle forms, because it just isn’t designed to be ran on O/S of today standards, the likes of XP & Windows 7. Therefore there is not much that you can do.

      Apart from to get whoever programmed the app/forms to get it running with the latest Java JRE, or any JRE rather than relying on a technology that is years old and basically just an Oracle made dumbed down version Java Runtime.

      Sorry I cannot be of more help,

  8. angel says:

    Thanks man! It worked for me.

  9. safdar saleemi says:

    I am using jinitiator on windows 7 with explorer 8 or firefox 3.5.
    I install jinitiator manually and the last java plug in.
    I change the jvm.dll of jinitiator to the last java version and still
    the browser crash…
    Any help?

    • Raymond Reid says:

      Have you tried using the jvm.dll which is mentioned in this blog post?

      Also, you dont need to also delete your current version of the Java runtime or JDK. These will all still work if you follow the instructions above.

      Ray Reid.

  10. mcclainc says:

    Wow, thanks – it looks like this actually worked for me! We have a corporate finance program that runs on the jinitiator and they only support windows XP, but sometimes we need to access it with a laptop or other newer computer. I’ve been using Remote Desktop to connect to an XP machine to run it, but that one is going away soon so I needed another solution. Thanks again!

  11. scriptfoo says:

    Walk-through for Windows 7 (x64), without replacing JVM.DLL
    · Navigate to c:\program files (x86)\internet explorer
    · Right click IEXPLORE.EXE, run as admin
    · Tools > Internet Options > Advanced
    · Uncheck “enable third party extensions”
    · Uncheck “do not save encrypted pages to disk”
    · Uncheck “enable memory protection to help …”
    · OK to close dialog box. Close IE
    · Create shortcut to specifically launch IE (x86)
    · Append target with website that requires JINITIATOR
    · Launch shortcut, proceed through JINIT install
    · Do your victory dance (results may vary)


    • Yert says:

      Also in some instances you’ll need to replace the certdb.txt file in the lib>security folder if you have issues with certificates.

      Also, has anyone figured out how to get the JVM NOT to reduce windows 7 to the basic theme?

      • Raymond Reid says:

        I’ve been wondering why it forces Windows 7 into the basic theme mode as well. Never bothered doing anything about it, was just happy that I’d found of way of getting anything to work.

      • scriptfoo says:

        It appears that the change to windows basic theme has something to do with the direct-draw feature in Java. I stumbled on this somewhere on the internets and this fix seems to work in most cases.

        Control Panel > JInitiator
        Basic Tab
        In the runtime parameters, add this
        Apply, close

        It may not work all the time. Launching the JInitiator control panel app resets Windows back to basic theme, but launching the website application seems to be okay.

    • daniel says:

      hey man it really works!!

      thanks, not so much space here for my victory dance ;)

    • Tawanda says:

      how do u append target website?

  12. Derek says:

    I can’ tell you how many hours I have spent on this problem! I am running Oracle 10g on WIndows 7 (we upgraded last summer)… Your solution above sort of worked for me, the first time I did it anyway! However it stops working after the first time. I think it is a security/firewall issue and have been playing around with the settings some little success. Did anyone else have this proble and find a workaround? I am contact Oracle tomorrow and will let you all know if I get anywhere with them!
    Thanks again for sharing his workaround with us!

  13. Fede says:

    This is cool stuff but.. how this JVM.DLL is different than the original one?
    Where did you get it?
    I’d like to know more about this DLL before using it on my corporate laptop.


    • Raymond Reid says:

      The DLL is from an old JRE, I cant at this time remember which version it was. I use it without any bother on our corporate computers.

      If you download it and right click, goto to properties, then Details tab, the file tells you that its from version ‘Java(TM) Platform SE 6u3′ “″, where as the latest ‘jvm.dll’ on my machine says ‘Java(TM) Platform SE 6u25′ “″.

      Hope this is of some help

  14. Ilias says:


    I have to work out using your example unfortunately it refuses to load from program filed(x86) hotspot location. Brings up the fatal error that the runtime couldn’t load.
    Funny enough it work on 2 laptops which are the same and not on the 3rd on which is the same to. Any ideas please?

    I am thinking of compiling a 32bit version of jinitiator and replacing files in the 64bit. I did something similar in my previous company with a citrix

    • Raymond Reid says:

      Sorry, not sure what to suggest.. maybe a reinstall of jinitiator on that machine might fix it

      Other than that, give the compiling idea a shot and see how you get on, could you report the results here, in case it helps anyone else


  15. Farrukh Rizvi says:

    It really works and I am really very grateful to the team keep it up guys you are great

  16. Farrukh Rizvi says:

    You GUYS really solved a big issue

  17. Patrick says:

    Your solution saved me a bunch of frustration. I hope good things come your way (am sure they will).


  18. jefferpan says:

    IT WORKED! Oh man, this is so exciting. I’ve tried making this shit works for ages, thank you so much. HOME OFFICE, here I GO !

  19. Riemi says:

    On Windows 2008 TS Server it works

  20. tetsu says:

    this has worked for me also! with Jinitiator on windows 7! I ´ve downloaded the JRE Version from here http://www.oldapps.com/java.php?old_java=48

    if you have redraw issues then read the scriptfoo comment :)


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  22. iSARMIENTO says:


  23. ISARMIENTO says:


  24. Ilias says:

    Hi all,

    Finally I have managed to make a 100% workable solution of the jinitiator gor IE8 in Win 7 32/64bit. I fixed the repainting issues and the problems with the theme changer.

    May I ask the author if it is ok to post detailed explanation on this blog?


    Ilias m

  25. Jim says:

    I have a problem with jinitiator need to run oracle financials, I was able to set up jinitiator on to win 7 64 bit under the programs file not the (86x) everything works fine, but I cannot print at all, I do get an applet warning error at the bottom after the applet loads. Is anyone having this problems. If I go to “file /print” nothing pops up meaning my printer window should show up but nothing. can someone help me, maybe a missed something.


    • Stuart says:

      Can you tell me how you got to install on Win 7 64 bit? I have tried, but even using compatability, it starts to unpack, then just stops without installing, even when run as administrator?


      • Raymond Reid says:

        I didn’t use, I used – Have you tried that version? The version your trying to get installed is very old.

      • Stuart says:

        Sadly, I am not able to upgrade the version of jinitiator, and am just trying to get our unsupported version of ebusiness to run on windows 7. I have it working using XP mode, but it would be simpler to deploy if I could get it to work without using XP mode.

      • Raymond Reid says:

        JInitiator is just a repackaged early release of a JRE. So using a later version shouldn’t have any major averse effect on your software. It’s worth giving it a test on one machine.

      • Stuart says:

        As I mentioned, this is not a version supported by Oracle, and with no support I cannot download the e-business patches that would be necessary for the Jinitiator upgrade. Also, as I have no Oracle support, I also have no access to any metalink articles that would explain how to do the upgrade.

  26. bharat says:

    Hi llias,

    How did you fix your repainting isues, I replace the jvm.dll file but now the forms apps are really slow.

  27. Angelo says:


    This really saved my life..thank you all a lot!

  28. pochote says:

    -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true worked for me. Thanks scriptfoo. I also changed intel graphic settings power plan to maximum performance. Im working on windows7 ultimate. IE8.

  29. Amjad says:

    Thnaks buudy….i really appreciate it……………

  30. Lars says:

    -Dsun worked like a charm here too. Much appriciated.

  31. thoufeeq says:

    dear sir

    i have issue with oracle forms on windows7. i replaced the jvm.dll file .but i couldn`t work oracle forms in widows 7.when i open oracle forms i got a error messege about Jinitiator

    what to do please help me……………………

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  33. Germán Bernabé says:

    Hola Amigos,
    Yo he tenido problemas también con Jinitiator. La versión que uso yo es la He estado investigando el problema y he llegado a la conclusión de que existen versiones del fichero “jvm.dll” que funcionan correctamente con Jinitiator y otras que no.
    Mi ultimo problema ha sido con Windows 7 64 bits.
    Para esto he descubierto que solo funcionan archivos “jvm.dll” de versiones de Java 6.13 o inferiores. Si aún cambiando el fichero “jvm.dll” todavía no te funciona, podrías probar con versiones más antiguas de java.

    I’ll try to explain this in English, but my English isn’t very good.
    I’ve had some problems with Jinitiator. The version that I use is I’ve been researching the problem and I think that there are versions of “jvm.dll” that they working correctly and there are versions of “jvm.dll” that they are not working correctly.
    My last problem was working with Windows 7 64 bits.
    I’ve discovered that only working correctly the version 6.13 o lower of jvm.dll file.
    If you change the jvm.dll file and the problem persist, You can try with another old versions of the file.

  34. I cant download jvm.dll from your link… :-(

  35. burnett437 says:

    Hi, anyone found a solution for the JInitiator 1.3.1.x freeze o refresh problem (when you open the Control Panel item) working with IE 9 and Windows 7?

    I’ve tried ALL of the above but nothing…

    I’m thinking about a way to tell Windows to force 16bit color depth in that application….

    Thanks in advance,

    • Mohamed says:

      Hi, if you find a solution to this, please let me know, as I have Windows 7 with Java and I’m using the below workarround, it works anyway:
      Whenever I get a screen freezed, I change my color settings (change the colors, the resolution or the frequency), click on Apply the click on Cancel, it’s manual but it works perfectly

  36. mdsar2002 says:

    Hello all,
    On Windows 7 64 bit VPC machine, I have installed Oracle Java Initiator 11.8, on the TOP of it Install NOP Config file, both applications are installed fine..no issue…..

    While Opening NOP appliactions, users are able to login successfully with their credentials, however it gives below issue

    1. some users able to work fine
    2. some users not able to open link, after login
    3. some users able to open link, after 2-3 click

    Not sure , what causing issue……any body have any clue please let me know….

  37. Chris says:

    Thnx! Together with http://www.steelbytes.net/oracle-jinitiator-and-internet-explorer-8 , it helped me out to get jiniator work on Windows 7!

  38. RAD says:

    I made my oracle forms aplications works on windows 7 (thanks to all the tips..you guys gave me), but something is ‘missing’ when I call reports from the aplications…..nothing happens….please help me. any idea..?? i can make querys from every forms, but i can’t generate reports.

  39. azrilaziz says:

    i have installed jinitiator and have the latest jre6. Still when opening ie8, it will ask for installing oajinit. Can you please help me on this. Thank you.

    • Raymond Reid says:

      Have you replaced ‘jvm.dll’ within the jinitiator directory, as per the instructions on the blog post?

      • azrilaziz says:

        Hi raymond, I have replaced the jvm.dll file as per the instruction. Its like that the browser is not detecting the jinitiator. Do i need to set something in the environment variables.

      • Raymond Reid says:

        Is this the same when you use internet explorer as your browser?

        If it still isn’t loading, try uninstalling Jinitiator and then reinstalling in win XP compatible mode.

    • azrilaziz says:

      Raymond, It works. Thank you very much. But after I managed open the forms, it is hard to select certain fields. Cannot use tabs and arrow. Is there anyway to do this?

      • Raymond Reid says:

        This could be to do with the ‘jvm.dll’ which you use, the one I included in the blog post is very old (its from Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 6u3, 2004) and a newer one might work better for you, download a newer version of the JRE use its ‘jvm.dll’ – It could be a case of trial & error, but would be worth it if you hit upon a ‘jvm.dll’ which enables you to use your application correctly.

  40. Wie says:

    it’s cool….. now i can work jinit. @ win&.
    Thank You Ray……

  41. I need to use JInitiator
    I have the same problem with I.E 8 on windows 7.

    I tried to susbstitute the jvm.dll in C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator with the one you suggested, but I.E. still crashes.

    Any suggestion ?

  42. MarkV says:


    Thanks for the fix
    I have managed to get my app working with your suggestion, however im having another issue, when running the application, when filling in any information nothing shows until you move the window, i thought it was an app problem but then noticed the Jinitiator control panel does the same thing, if i change an option i have to ‘wiggle’ the window for it to update.

    I know this sounds very wierd but would appreciate any help.

    Running with your .dll and Windows7 + IE8


    • Raymond Reid says:

      Hi Mark, try a difference dll from a more up to date JRE the ‘jvm.dll’ which you download from me is very old (its from Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 6u3, 2004) and a newer one might work better for you, download a newer version of the JRE use its ‘jvm.dll’ – It could be a case of trial & error, but would be worth it if you hit upon a ‘jvm.dll’ which enables you to use your application correctly.

      The Java Archive is here

    • Brian Evans says:

      Hi Mark,

      I am having the same problem that you described above, and for the life
      of me I can’t find how to keep this from happening. Did you manage to get this resolved?

  43. Hesham says:


    While connecting to an Oracle server using Internet Explorer and Windows XP, Windows crashes with Blue screen, knowing that I am using Jave Initiator 1.3

    Can anyone help Please

  44. moxi says:

    If you have only the ‘refresh’ problem then the fix is simple, believe it or not… You basically have to go into the power savings for Windows 7, edit the power plan and set the Intel Graphics to “Maximum Performance” which turns off the Dynamic Frequency.

    i pulled my hair out.. but i fixed it with this simple solution.
    thanks to –> http://thewichitacomputerguy.com/blog/fix-oracle-jinitiator-wont-refresh-repaint-windows-7-i3-or-i5-machine

  45. shalitha says:

    Thnx guys it worked.
    But my font & font size of my reports have changed. My IAS is on win 2003,client is win 7 ie 9.

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  47. scriptfoo says:

    I thought I’d revisit this site to see if anything else was discovered … and to add more workarounds I’ve found

    Google’s “chrome frame helper” may also prevent jinitiator from working correctly. This BHO is silently added when a user accesses Google Calendar. End that task if it is running, and remove it from launching in the registry (user-specific hive).

    Last-ditch solution is to disable Windows 7 DEP (data execution prevention). Launch an elevated command line (run as admin), in the command line window type in “bcdedit /set {current} nx AlwaysOff” without quotes, reboot.

  48. Iván says:

    gracias por la ayuda, éxito!

  49. imran danish says:

    Thanks to every one
    I did the jvm.dll replacing method and succeed on one computer but when i replaced it on 2nd machine it started to give an error unable to load JVM.DLL tried uninstalling and every thing but problem is still same any idea ?
    Erro Says: “jinitiator 1.3″ Message (fatal error that the runtime couldn’t load C:/program~2/……jvm.dll)

    • Raymond Reid says:

      On the machine that your having issue:

      * Add/Remove all versions of Java listed.
      * Add/Remove all versions of Jinitiator listed.
      * Delete directories ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Java’ & ‘C:\Program Files\Java’
      * Restart machine
      * Install latest JRE or JDK
      * Install Jinitiator and replace the jvm.dll
      * Load your web application.

      The above will clean your machine, as too many Java installation can sometime cause you these kind of issues.

      • imran danish says:

        as per your advice I followed the steps but the problem is same.
        Error is “jinitiator 1.3″ Message( the java environment cannot be loaded from

  50. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for fantastic info I was looking for this info for my mission.

  51. Hernán says:

    Mi problema se solucionó con el archivo que dejan en este post! Genial! Gracias

  52. MeDoZ says:

    thanks for the help :D

  53. Aamir Rizwan says:

    Thanks a lot ! This is the only solution working for me .

    @scriptfoo: Thanks. Followed your method and Aero theme is retained.

  54. Ed says:

    This worked great for me. Thanks so much.

  55. Joe says:

    So i replaced the jvm.dll and put in -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true but now I get the window that says oracle application server forms service has installed successfully. Then I click ok. Then nothing happends… gray screen…….

    • Raymond Reid says:

      Hi Joe,

      Grab a test machine & try the following on it, it’ll be down to different versions of Java and conflicting versions of files.

      * Add/Remove all versions of Java listed.
      * Add/Remove all versions of Jinitiator listed.
      * Delete directories ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Java’ & ‘C:\Program Files\Java’
      * Restart machine
      * Install latest JRE or JDK
      * Install Jinitiator and replace the jvm.dll
      * Load your web application.

  56. sravanthi says:

    Thanks this is working perfectly

  57. Andi says:

    This fix is a GODSEND! Thank you SO much! I had been struggling for two days to get an old Oracle application to launch on my client’s Windows 7 laptop with no success. Added this DLL and BAM! All good! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  58. sreedhar says:

    Thanks a Lot its working. perfectly…

  59. mido2008 says:

    Netscape Navigator works well with Oracle JInitiator on Windows 7. It is tested and working.
    No edits or anything else just install both programs and enjoy.

  60. Reggie says:

    Fantastic goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are simply too fantastic. I actually like what you’ve obtained here, really
    like what you are saying and the way wherein you
    say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to stay it sensible.
    I cant wait to learn far more from you. This is really a
    terrific site.

  61. Marcus says:

    I think this is among the most important information for me.
    And i’m glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The site style is great, the articles is really nice : D. Good job, cheers

  62. Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?

    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard
    on. Any suggestions?

  63. Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your weblog
    and in accession capital to assert that I get in fact enjoyed account your
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  64. joh burke says:

    How do we automate this for everone? Also os the a way to change home variable this app iuses? We redirect mydoc to server and it seems jinitiator follows it and causes extreme slow down

  65. Wendi says:

    I like the helpful info you provide in your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
    I am quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here!
    Good luck for the next!

  66. Nagarjuna says:

    Thank you very much…its really helpfull

  67. stephan says:

    Any chance I could get you to email the jvm.dll replacement? sholm2007@yahoo.com my companies firewall won’t let me download from dropbox.

  68. Bill Foster says:

    This was a big help in getting JInit to work on 2008 R2. I owe you a beer.

  69. Mokhles says:

    W7 does not work properly, Help?

  70. Wil says:

    hi, a colleague of mine has the same issue, I managed to get the issue fixed a year ago or so, (but don’t recall all details I’ve done…) the only difference I see that the Java, “System” tab, I have platform 7.2, he has 1.5. Would downloading the Java 7 do the trick? (if I try and it doesn’t , how can I get the 1.5 back???) (I replaced the jvm.dll)

    • Raymond Reid says:

      Wil copy the JVM.DLL back it up and replace with the downloadable version from blog. If it works other parts won’t so search the back catalogue of JVM’s to find the latest one which still works for what you require.

      • Wil says:

        Hi Raymond, thanks for the reply, I tried that, but then an error appears of which I did not make a not off…so I set the original version back… I think the error appeared when starting an applet. So normally I would click the desired Oracle link in the browser, then there;s a popup window which starts an applet right? There is goes wrong now….

      • Raymond Reid says:

        Wil, removing the whole of Java + folder reboot + reinstalling latest JRE/JDK + rebooting will get your machine working again. As how to solve the problem that your getting I’m unsure.

  71. Dennis says:

    Thanks a lot the process worked correctly for me.

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